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Knitting, Stitching & Crochet

Hello and welcome to my website for knitting, crochet,  sewing & dressmaking, costume & needle-crafts.

I’m passionate about dressmaking, sewing, knitting, crochet and needle-crafts and always have an assortment of projects on the go.

I’ve been a Professional Dressmaker for many years, with a background of Bridal Wear, Historical Costume and Millinary.

Along with this I’ve had a lifelong love for needle-crafts and have knitted, sewn and stitched since a small child.

I also teach Knitting and Crochet classes and workshops and you may have also have seen me as a  Guest Presenter and supplier for Create and Craft TV and Craft Extra, introducing new products  and demonstrating techniques and tips on the programmes.  

Please take a look at the rest of the website which will be growing and don’t forget to come back for the new updates.

Best wishes

Wendy xx


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Mystery Knitted Bag Mystery Knitted Bag

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Mystery Knitted Bag

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